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Blake's Portrait Studio
1608 Alger Avenue
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Tips & Tricks for Children's Portraits
Arrive Early
Try to be a little early for your appointment letting your child become familiar with the studio. Bill will help your child relax and be themselves. Children can tell when you feel rushed.
Weather for Outdoor Portraits
Let’s face it, we are at the mercy of mother nature. If it rains, no fretting will do anything about it, we simply have to reschedule. Don’t worry about the clouds, they actually HELP! But rain falling is a problem.
Clothing is the key to any great portrait. Patterns such as plaids, polk-a-dots or stripes tend to draw the attention away from the subject. Dark solid colors work the best and the less skin showing the better. Call for a free clothing and design consultation.
We offer a wide selection of backgrounds, props, and ideas, however we are open to any other ideas or suggestions. Bring any favorite pets, toys, or stuffed animals that will make your child more comfortable. Themes are great and easy to work with.
Other Children
Please make other arrangements for children not involved in the portrait. It is difficult for everyone involved to enjoy and concentrate on the session if other children are running around causing commotion.
Naps and meals
Try to schedule your session around naps and meals. Children who are hungry or tired are difficult to work with. Don’t bribe your child with food or other things that they will be more anxious about than their photos.
If your child wears glasses either have them take them off for their photos or have your optometrist remove the lenses. Glass glares tend to hide the child’s eyes and require extensive and expensive retouching to remove.
Be prepared to have fun! We are extremely lucky to be doing a job we absolutely love! Having a good time and creating incredible photography for your family is our top priority!